Plant & Transportation Fleet

CHAP Group owns, maintains and operates a large plant and transport fleet. Headed up by Plant & Transport Manager, Tom Burn. The Plant & Transport Team plays a vital supporting role to all of the Group Divisions.

The Group has over 115 company owned vehicles on the road each day. The majority of the company’s road going vehicles are fitted with trackers; a huge benefit when planning and coordinating the logistical needs of the company.

The plant fleet extends from small hand tools to heavy quarry plant. The company owns two Liebherr tower cranes of differing sizes and also operates a number of mole-ploughs that have been extensively used across the UK, predominantly ploughing in telecommunication cables.

The company’s main plant workshops are based at our headquarters at Westhill. The plant department supplements the company-owned plant by hiring specialist or additional items of plant from some of the national hire companies.

All plant is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all plant supplied and full conformance with all regulatory and statutory requirements. All plant is replaced on a planned basis ensuring the fleet is kept up to date and is reliable.

In view of the size of our fleet we are acutely aware of the potential impact on our local environment. Accordingly we regularly review our plant to ensure that plant and transport purchased is efficient and minimises our environmental impact.

Predominantly for internal use, our plant is on occasion hired out externally so if we have an item of plant you wish to hire please do not hesitate to contact us.

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