Film Ocean – Office, Warehouse & Yard

Erection of office and workshop with associated storage yards, parking and drainage

CHAP recently constructed a new HQ building on behalf of Film Ocean in Ellon.

This large multi-million pound project started in December 2021 and was completed in November 2022

The project was complex and required a large cut and fill exercise to grade the site before construction could begin.  This exercise resulted in the movement of 8,000m3 of material.

Comprising a 55m x 16m warehouse and a 3-storey 14m x 15m office space, the shell is made up of 160tonnes of hot rolled steel, 13tonnes cold rolled steel and will be covered with 2,300m² of cladding.

In the centre of the warehouse there is a 5m x 5m x 5m deep test tank to allow the client to test ROVs on site.  This tank has 600mm thick concrete walls using 300m³

of concrete.



Ellon, Aberdeenshire


JAMstudio Ltd


Beedie Mitchell


51 weeks Start: Dec ‘21 Prog. Completion: Nov ‘22